Saturday, 19 January 2013

A possible solution to avoid young players going off the rails.

Recently, a photo was leaked online of Michael Johnson, the 24 year old midfielder. He was once described as the next big thing, he was touted as one for England and was linked with a number of clubs including my own, Newcastle. In this photo, we saw a barely recognisable Johnson. Soon after, Manchester City released a statement announcing that he had been released. What a sad story - an english talent ruined. I blame the ridiculous sums of money clubs are willing to pay these players when they have not established themselves. Take Raheem Sterling for example, I read somewhere that he was demanding something like £60,000 a week at Liverpool. That's ludicrous especially for a player who has only just broke on to the world stage (and by world stage I mean Liverpool's first team.)

How can a player who has barely played have the cheek to demand such a thing? Even somebody who has been in their job for 30 odd years would know not to ask their employer to quadruple their wages. This is why I propose that a rule is introduced worldwide. A player must play a certain amount of games to earn a certain amount of money per week. Or he must be 23 or over. Therefore this lowers the likelihood that younger players go off the rails and don't feel it necessary to blow their money on luxuries rather than necessities. This is highly hypothetical and is unproven but in my opinion it is something that has to be dealt with - the lack of english players in the premier league worries me and the amount of players holding out for ridiculous sums is even more startling.


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