Sunday, 15 July 2012

Thoughts on potential Carroll return

January 31st 2011. A day I'll probably never forget. Another day where I felt screwed over by Mike Ashley. The day Ashley sold Andy Carroll to Liverpool without buying a new striker.

I don't think I should put in blog format what I said that day. However, although I felt betrayed I couldn't help admire Ashley's balls to sell Carroll at such a late stage in the window when the toon army already baying for his blood. But then I realised that we'd gotten £35 million for him. £35 million?! He wasn't worth that at all. He was an relatively unproven english striker who'd found a bit of form in his maiden full season in the premier league. He was worth £15 million at most was the general consensus amongst my friends and family who supported Newcastle. What a business deal. It was a huge sum of money. Who knew Liverpool had just funded Newcastle's european adventure for the next few seasons? Who knew Liverpool had just funded Newcastle's rise to fifth that would see them finish above them? Who knew it would be a huge flop?

Carroll started for England and scored against Ghana in a friendly soon after. I'd always support him in an England shirt but never in a Liverpool shirt. I disliked him for turning his back on the number 9 but for some reason I could never hate him. He was one of us. (Although I still hate Graham Fenton's guts.)

He didn't perform for Liverpool like he did for Newcastle. Reasons? Liverpool didn't utilise him correctly in my opinion. They relied heavily on Suarez and just wildly lumped it to Carroll. At Newcastle set pieces and movement were crafted and practiced. If Liverpool were to get the best out of Carroll they should of signed Kevin Nolan and Joey Barton as well. (That was a joke I'm sorry.)

He flopped. He didn't score goals. He didn't terrorise like he did for the toon.

April 1st 2012. Another day I'll never forget. Andy Carroll made to be the april fool in front of full house at St James'. Newcastle marching for Europe. Liverpool marching for Europe. Ben Arfa vs Enrique. Cisse vs Carroll. It was all about Andy Carroll in the build up. Ironically the replacement number 9 scored a brace and left Carroll literally on his arse. It was hilarious; one of the best football matches ever. Newcastle got everything. Carroll booked for diving. That's the only time I hated him, when he tried to cheat us out of a penalty.

It's the summer again and Newcastle have been linked with every striker possible. Today (Sunday 15th July) Sky Sports have revealed Newcastle have put a bid in for Andy Carroll to take on a season long loan with an option to buy. Would he fit in? Here's my view: 1) He'd be a squad player who'd do the job when Cisse/Ba are out of form/tired/on international duty. 2) He'd be an option in Europe against weak defences a 'battering ram' that would terrify Europe. 3) A man to scrape points, coming on in the last half an hour to salvage a point/get the winner 4) Our cup striker.

Or we could leave it to Pardew and wait for a masterstroke!

We may see more of this, hopefully anyways.

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  1. i would take carrol over cisse any day of the week.crazy as this may sound to some people carrol is an absolute beast when hes leading the line and really dont feel hes an impact player to play againt weak sides the guy has proved he can do it againts the big sides mayby not for liverpool FORM INJURYS PRESSURE and massivly overvalued tranfer fee for a 21 year old. liverpool was never going to work for andy the same reason why a messi playing in a team who hit long balls to his head wouldent work you have to play to a players strengths.If you have two ok wingers who can cross a ball then your andy carrols can be just as deadly as a tecniclly gifted players but just in a diffenet way. with the right players around him and tactics andy carrol will get you 15 25 goals a season and about 10 assits if nufc could pick him up for 8-10 million end of the season then it would defently be worth looking at